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Exterior Decks

Exterior Decks

Fly Bridge

We think the favorite lounging spot on Anjumal will be the fly bridge.  Shown in this picture, you can see how it is set high on top of the pilot house.  The viewer's eyes are nearly twenty feet above the water up there, which makes for a wonderful view.  As we've been to the various boat shows shopping for a ship and then planning the outfitting, we have always found it difficult to leave the flybridge of any ship we visit.  For this flybridge, Cape Horn has devised direct access to the boat deck from a short stairway and watertight door from the pilot house.  Then it is another couple of steps up to the fly bridge.  No skinny ladders or narrow hatches are required.  We plan to add a bimini for the flybridge area and leave the boat deck open as a 'Sun Deck' while at anchor.

Boat/Sun Deck

Over the saloon and galley we have a huge 27' x 19' deck that we'll use as a combination boat deck/sun deck.  The drawing here shows it with a 20' and 15' tender stored - more on the huge tenders, elsewhere.  To handle these tenders, is a 19' crane rated at 4,000 pounds that can set either tender on either side or off the stern.  We will also mount the Ovatek life boat up here, just to the port side of the stairs from the pilot house.  In an emergency, it will be 3 short steps in the exposed weather from the pilot house to the enclosed lifeboat.


When we launch the tenders, we will have this whole area to use for sunning and partying.  We figure the crane becomes the mounting pole for the rope swing out over the water at that point.


Fore Deck

Forward of the wide Portuguese bridge, Anjumal has a true working ship's foredeck with dual hydraulic windlasses, two all chain rodes, dual anchors and dual, offset chocks.  The deck is protected by a flared bow, yet the flare tapers off prior to the Portuguese bridge so any water coming over the bow can immediately ship back overboard.  A watertight hatch opens to a storage area and chain locker access in the water tight collision bulkhead.  Away from the hubbub, when at anchor, this could be a peaceful place to escape and relax.


At about 10' x15', this protected deck will be Sherry's favorite place for breakfast, a dry place to enjoy watching a rain shower, or escape the sun in the heat of the day.

Swim Deck

We love to swim and plan to make regular use of the scuba tank compressor.  A solid ladder and wide platform will make this a perfect place to use as a private beach.  Built-in lockers will keep equipment handy.  A built-in hot and cold fresh water shower makes it easy to rinse off before coming aboard.


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